Jack Russell Marley

Dear June, thank you so much for your patience, kindness and attention to detail yesterday. I really didn't think Marley would be able to sit long enough for you to be able to photograph him. How wrong I was, despite the fact that you must have been very worried about your daughter's health, you gave him time to settle and have a comfort break before you started. It was a joy to see you work with him and I know he was happy too. He didn't want to leave - he really had enjoyed being in the limelight. I look forward to seeing you again and looking through those superb photos. I do hope your daughter soon feels much better. Thank you once again for your hospitality and kindness. Marley thanks you too!!!!


A Present from Jill

My name is Brenda Hamilton-Cowley and I have a little dog called Buttons and a friend called Jill Dowles who very kindly brought him (secretly) to you. You have done the most fantastic picture and I just wanted to say thank you, thank you very much.

It has just captured him as he is and he is just beautiful. You have done a really fantastic job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really made my birthday yesterday.


Yorkshire Terrier Toby

When June Cook came to visit my local camera club in Droitwich to give a presentation of her work, I knew from the very first print that she presented we were in for a most enjoyable evening.

June's photography, in particular her pet portraiture, is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Print after print, I was completely mesmerised by the uniqueness of the stunning images. They quite simply took my breath away.

By the end of the evening I just knew that I had to get my Yorkshire terrier, Toby, photographed by her. Although Gloucester is some distance from where I live, I would have travelled to the other end of the UK if I had to.

June's first priority, before she even picks up the camera, is to make sure that animals are comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings, gives them water to drink and her garden to roam in. Whether it takes June an hour or all day, she has incredible patience and she will keep snapping away until she gets that perfect winning shot that she knows will make the client happy. She is a perfectionist, incredibly talented and a truly inspiring lady.

Thank you so very much June for the beautiful and stunning images, which I wlll treasure foreever.


Husband and Wife

I just wanted to say a big thanks you for yesterday. You know how nervous I get about centre of attention type things, and particularly photographs, but you managed to make me feel very at ease, and even Ken, who is of a similar disposition, managed to relax. I really hope you managed to get something that will be useful for you (even if it is in the 'how not to pose' section) as well as something for me to proudly hang on my wall.


. . . . . A few weeks on and I can say that the outcome has been beyond anything I could possibly have hoped for, and finding suitable frames to match the style has been a pleasure. Everyone who has seen the one now proudly situared on my 'picture wall' has remarked on how unique it is. I have just one more frame to find to complete those I wish to display. What a rewarding experience it has turned out to be!


On booking the session great care was taken by June to ascertain all the details about my elderly dog, Trixie.

I was given precise instructions as to what to bring with me and the reasons why. It really is advisable to bring everything she asks you to, including the friend.

Careful consideration was given to the backgrounds that could be used and advice given about what worked well with different colours and coat texture.

On arrival we were made welcome and Trixie was allowed ample time to get over the journey by exploring the garden first and then the studio.

The character of the dog is paramount to most dog owners and June spent some time watching Trixie and talking to me to ascertain what I would like brought out in the photograph and how this could be achieved.

She was so gentle with Trixie and had the patience of a saint.

Great care is taken not to stress the dog, and comfort breaks are taken as and when needed.
After the session the pictures were reviewed and we had a chat to discuss which one to choose. It was explained to me that if I didn't like any of them then another session would take place at no extra cost. This was not necessary as one of the pictures just screamed "that's Trixie to a T". We then discussed the finish etc. that would best suit Trixie.

One relaxed dog and one happy owner, with friend, left with high expectations, as we knew we couldn't have found a better photographer to use. WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! Everyone who has seen the finished project has said what a brilliant photograph it is and have remarked that the expression on her face is spot on. I am so grateful to June, as not long afterwards Trixie died and to have such a memento has helped a lot.


Four German Shepherds

I have always admired June's animal portraits, because she always gets the 'critical moment'. She is a perfectionist and nothing is left to chance. Taking animals is difficult because although one can control the lighting, the background and all the essential peripherals, the animal itself has to respond, and one has to know instinctively when you have the right moment. That cannot be taught - it is just a realisation that one has, or not, as the case may be.

June has proved herself with all breeds of dogs, and many other animals besides. Her patience is legendary to wait for the subject to settle and then get that moment, and she has the knowledge of how to relate to her subject and a deep understanding of them, which is essential in any field of professional photography.

She took my four German Shepherds and it was a challenge, because three of them are riddled with arthritis and quite old which make it difficult for them to hold a pose, but June managed it to perfection in the minimum of time so as not to stress the dogs. She captured the moment that my husband and I recognised as the essence of that dog, the look that we always associate with each individual, and both my husband and I are delighted because she has captured the dogs as we know them.


Two Dachshund Families

Dear June

We had a fantastic time at the sitting. My dogs had a great time, they were totally relaxed in your presence and your friends' help was so much appreciated. They were incredibly kind towards my dogs. They gave the pups a lot of confidence.

I have another litter due shortly and would love to book another sitting for a family photo shoot with yourself when they are ready if that's ok with you.

Lots of love


Three Children

My wife Vicky sustained a brain injury when she was involved in a car accident in November 2009.

We have three children.  At the time of the accident they were aged five, two and six months.  It was evident in the early stages that Vicky had recollection of our eldest, could in some regards relate to our middle child, but had no attachment at all to our youngest.  It was this that prompted the need for some large pictures of the children in her room.  It would be all too easy to drag out a few school and nursery photos and get them enlarged, but I wanted more than this; I wanted something that would reach out to Vicky, something for her to ponder, something to provoke a range of thoughts and emotions.
As a close family friend, June kindly offered her services as a photographer.

I'm not sure how to write a review of the pictures.  I cannot adequately express what they have come to mean to Vicky and the wider family.  In simple terms, June has a Midas touch for photography, and not only of pets.  The pictures June took are now on the wall at the foot of Vicky's bed and whenever I talk about the children she instantly looks at the photos.  A photo session with three children now aged seven, four and two is as mad as a box of frogs, but June has the patience of a saint.  The main point of the photos was to reacquaint Vicky with her children.  We now walk into the room and she looks at them all in turn with a beaming smile.  Mission accomplished!

Staff and visitors are all arrested for minutes at a time gazing at the photos and are very quick to remark at their beauty.  A proud Dad could very easily put it down to three beautiful children, but that is only fifty per cent of the scene; it's down to how June has captured it.  A truly amazing talent.

I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who wants the gold standard of photography that she is able to provide.  I don't feel this review has done justice to what the photos mean to us, but I can't find the words.  Many, many thanks June.

Ecstatic customers


Two Yorkies

June has a natural gift for pet photography. She has regularly done portraits of our dogs over the years, and every one of them is absolutely brilliant. At each sitting, June is always so patient, waiting to get just the right picture. She always puts our dogs and us at ease, allowing us to get used to the studio setting before attempting to take any photographs. The dogs are given free reign to explore their surroundings, which of course they enjoy immensely. As a result, when we do get them to pose for the camera, June has never failed to capture that special something about them that we know and love so well. The detail in their coats is perfect. You feel you can touch individual hairs! The light in their eyes, the affection, the wistfulness, the mischief in their faces are all there. The dogs indeed seem to be almost speaking to us through their photos. This is especially important with regard to our beloved dogs that are sadly no longer with us. Memories of each one of them, and their special characteristics, are kept very much alive to us through June's wonderful portraits of them. So if you want a special photograph of your pet, go and see June. You certainly won't be disappointed with the results.


Retrievers Jetty and Tushka

June Cook was recommended to me as ‘simply the best animal photographer'. I was not disappointed. I knew I was in safe hands after receiving excellent advice on what to bring with me to the sitting. June’s studio is wonderfully pet friendly, and my dogs soon made themselves at home both in the studio and in the garden. June’s patience and perfectionism added to her way with animals creates stunning images. She would not rest until she felt that she had caught that winning moment. I can’t thank her enough for the joy that her photographs have brought to my family.